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COVID-19 & Flu Vaccination Information

Mar 26, 2021 | Patient Info


The COVID-19 Phase 1B vaccination program will commence at Littlehampton on the week of the 24.3.21.  Only those eligible for Phase 1B will receive the vaccine.

To confirm your eligibility please use this link to the online eligibility checker.

If you are not a patient at Littlehampton Medical Centre you will need to produce proof of your eligibility, this would need to be a health summary or other evidence from you usual GP.

How do I prepare for my COVID-19 vaccine? Information on preparing for your vaccine is available on

We have only been allocated a certain number of vaccines per week hence are unable to guarantee you an available vaccination.

The Astra Zeneca vaccine is given in 2 doses 12 weeks apart. It needs to be given 2 weeks away from any other vaccine.

You are able to book at LMC for your vaccine either online or by phoning our friendly reception team.   Only those with a Medicare number can be vaccinated at our clinic.

A Consent form will need to be completed prior to receiving your vaccine. This can be either – completed online when booking through hotdoc   /collected from the clinic  / downloaded online, completed and bring with you / attended when you come for your appointment, please arrive early.


Our Flu clinics are now open on HotDoc to book your vaccination appointments commencing the 15.4.2021.

If our delivery arrives earlier we will open appointments accordingly.